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Taking care of the upholstery in your home does more than just improve its appearance. Clean upholstery has several other benefits, including the removal of bacteria and allergens that may be lingering in your furniture. Cleaning your upholstery the conventional way can have benefits. However, at All Points Chem-Dry®, we offer our neighbors in the Fullerton, CA area some of the most advanced upholstery cleaning services that the industry has to offer.

Why choose us? We're glad you asked. To provide dependable upholstery cleaning services in Fullerton that consistently produce top-notch results, we utilize our state-of-the-art Chem-Dry® cleaning process. This process keeps your upholstery looking its best for longer while also effectively removing a wide range of different bacteria and allergens to improve the air quality in your home. By combining this cutting-edge process with our top-of-the-line products, we produce results that you can depend on.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Upholstery Cleaning in Fullerton

When you work with our team at All Points Chem-Dry, you'll gain access to some of the most advanced treatments in the industry. Our Chem-Dry process and the additional products and services that we utilize offer several benefits over conventional upholstery cleaning services, including longer-lasting results. With our proven service in Fullerton, you can enjoy revitalized upholstery and improved air quality while utilizing a green-certified process that's better for the environment.

Here's a quick look at a few of the many ways that our upholstery cleaning services benefit Fullerton area homeowners:

Dirt and Soil Removal

Our Chem-Dry process effectively brings dirt and soil to the surface of your furniture and removes it with the power of carbonation. The millions of effervescent bubbles in our cleaning solution will pull dirt and soil out from deep within your upholstery, then we'll remove it with our advanced equipment. This process uses much less water than conventional cleaning services, giving you great results in a more environmentally-friendly package.

Allergen Removal

Our proprietary Chem-Dry HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction) process, in addition to bringing you great results while using less water, also removes an average 99.1% of common household allergens from upholstery according to an independent laboratory test that measured dog dander, cat dander, and dust mite allergens.

Fullerton's Upholstery Cleaning Experts are All Points Chem-Dry

We're proud to offer our premium services to local homeowners. Here are the areas that we serve:

  • Fullerton
  • Brea
  • Yorba Linda
  • Chino Hills
  • La Habra

To get started with our upholstery cleaning in Fullerton, contact All Points Chem-Dry today!