Yorba Linda Carpet Cleaning

Yorba Linda Carpet Cleaning

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Cleaning Dark vs Light Carpets

Many of our customers have asked us about the differences between cleaning light and dark carpets. As Yorba Linda carpet cleaning experts, we have years of experience cleaning both. In our experience, neither is more difficult. There are pros and cons associated with each.

Dark Carpets. Dark carpets are better at hiding stains than their light colored counterparts. These tend to blend in and become overshadowed by the carpet’s coloring. However, stains and discoloration are often more visible in high traffic areas.

Light Carpets. Stains are more visible on light carpets than on dark. That being said, light carpets are easier to clean because you can use virtually any stain-removing product. Dark colored carpets require specific cleaning solutions. Using the wrong cleaning solutions can strip their color and cause discoloration.

Regardless of the color of your carpets, our Yorba Linda carpet cleaning experts can help. We use special cleaning solutions for dark carpeting, which are specially designed to eliminate stains without dulling your carpet’s shine.

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Red and Blue Carpets

Bright carpets are becoming increasingly popular. Colored carpets are fun, modern, and bold. That being said, each carpet requires specific cleaning solutions and strategies. Make sure to let your Yorba Linda carpet cleaning company know if you have bright carpets.  

Red, blue, and other exotic carpets can be difficult to maintain because of their vibrant color. You can also ask your Yorba Linda carpet cleaning experts for suggestions on how to maintain your carpet between professional cleaning.

All Points Chem-Dry has experience cleaning and maintaining bright colored carpeting. We use organic solutions that eliminate stains without affecting your carpet’s vibrancy.

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4 of the Hardest Stains to Remove

There are so many different kinds of stains. Some general cleaning solutions are helpful and can remove your stain. But as mentioned previously, most of these stains require specific cleaning methods. DIY tips can help, bu they often aren’t powerful enough to completely remove the stain. For that reason, we suggest hiring a Yorba Linda carpet cleaning expert.

You’re probably better off using a professional cleaning service if you have any of the following stains:

Wine. This is especially true with red wine. These bright colors seep into your porous carpet fibers, stain the carpet, and refuse to budge. We suggest calling a Yorba Linda carpet cleaning expert for wine stain removal.

Coffee. A warm cup of coffee is an amazing boost to have first thing in the morning. That being said, it’s far less amazing when it ends up all over your white carpets. Acting quickly is helpful, but often fails to eliminate the entire stain.

Ink Stains. If not attended to quickly enough, ink stains can destroy your carpet. Acting quickly can eliminate the majority of the stain, but you can still end up with discoloration. Make an appointment with a Yorba Linda carpet cleaning expert for ink stain removal.

Pet stains. These stains are common for pet owners. In addition to the stain, they can also emit an unpleasant odor. Cleaning products can help, but old or excessive pet stains require professional assistance.

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