Laguna Beach Carpet Cleaning

Laguna Beach Carpet Cleaning

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Many of our customers were unsure of whether or not they needed their carpets professionally cleaned. They felt that their carpets were clean, and vacuuming occasionally did the trick. They thought hiring a Laguna Beach carpet cleaning company was only necessary for big stains or particularly run down carpets.

Even though they make look clean, your carpets are probably hiding all kinds of dirt, dust, and bacteria. Carpets have porous fibers that trap unwanted pathogens. These items can be hazardous to anyone consistently breathing the air in the home.

As a result, your carpet may appear clean, but they’re hiding pollutants deep under the surface.

Regular cleanings from a Laguna Beach carpet cleaning expert is the best way to keep your carpets clean and your family safe.

Below are a few reasons why our customers use our services regularly.

Asthma and Mold

As mentioned previously, dirty carpets can be a health hazard. This is particularly true if someone living in your home is afflicted with asthma.

One of the main issues our Laguna Beach carpet cleaning experts encounter is mold. Warm, dark environments attract mold. Once it takes hold, mold can spread almost undetected throughout the home. It is toxic to breathe mold regularly, and can cause lung damage if it is not removed.

Our Laguna Beach carpet cleaning experts have years of experience mitigating mold. Additionally, all of our mold removal is completed with environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe when inhaled.

Dust Mites

In addition to mold, our Laguna Beach carpet cleaning often encounter dust mites. Similar to mold, the size of these pesky creatures often prevents early detection.

Dust mite infestations can increase allergies and cause respiratory problems. Children, the elderly, and individuals with breathing issues are more strongly affected than anyone else.

We suggest regular cleaning from a Laguna Beach carpet cleaning professional in order to remain free of dust mites.

Why Choose Us?

Our Laguna Beach carpet cleaning professionals utilize hot water extraction during our services. This method is environmentally friendly, and safe when inhaled.

Many carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaning to remove dirt and debris. Unfortunately, steam cleaning works by soaking your carpet with hot water. The idea is to blast the carpet with hot water, which dislodges contaminants. Next, the Laguna Beach carpet cleaning company will absorb the mess and dry the carpets.

Unfortunately, most companies are unable to thoroughly dry the carpets after completing their service. This results in damp, partially dried carpets, which attracts mold and mildew. Because of this, your carpet is left worse off than when the professionals arrived.

For this reason, we avoid steam cleaning and utilize hot carbonated water. This approach offers a more thorough cleaning than detergents or carpet shampoos, and does not attract mold.

As a result,  All Points Chem-Dry offers the highest quality, safest cleaning methods around.

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All Points Chem-Dry offers hassle free removal of dirt, dust mites, bacteria, and pathogens. Our Laguna Beach carpet cleaning professionals use safe, organic cleaning methods that eliminate stains and are safe when inhaled.

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