Hacienda Heights Carpet Cleaning

Hacienda Heights Carpet Cleaning

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We all love the feeling of a soft, clean carpet between our toes.

Our Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning experts can enliven your carpets. We use hot water extraction to remove stains in the safest way possible. This leaves your carpets looking fresh without the use of harsh chemicals.

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You need a company that has experience with your specific issues.

If you have pets, then you’re going to need a Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning expert that is proficient in removing pet stains and odor. If you have young children, you may need someone that can remove markers or paint stains. You’re also going to want someone that uses safe, green cleaning solutions.

Specific cleaning solutions are necessary for specific stains. If not, then you’re professional may not be able to remove the stain. Additionally, they may remove the stain, but fail to kill the bacteria that’s lingering behind.

No matter who you hire, we encourage to to ask questions about their services. This allows you to determine whether they’re right for your needs.

We have over a decade of experience as a Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning professional. We’ve seen a lot of different stains, and developed effective methods of removing them.

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Why Not Rent My Own Equipment?

Some of our customers have asked about the benefits of renting their own carpet cleaning equipment. Although this isn’t always a bad idea, we’d like to caution you about a few things.

First, most rental equipment is outdated. Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning companies sell their old equipment to rental agencies. This allows them to buy new, modern tools. It also means that the equipment you’re renting is insufficient to thoroughly clean your carpets.

Second, cleaning with your own equipment takes time.

Third, there is more work and knowledge involved than some might think. You’re better off using an experienced Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning professional. This guarantees that your carpets are cleaned properly. It also ensures that all bacteria, pathogens, and dust mites have been eliminated.

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Mold and Mildew

Most people would be mortified to learn their carpets were infested with mold.

That being said, it’s common for our Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning to find mold.

Mold thrives in environments that aren’t exposed to sunlight. It also makes its home in moist, dank environment. This makes your carpets their ideal habitat.

Quickly detecting and removing mold is important. First, it prevents it from spreading throughout the home. Second, stopping this spread keeps you and your family from inhaling unsanitary bacteria. Third, it saves you from having to replace all of the carpeting in the home.

Our Hacienda Heights carpet cleaning offer mold detection and removal. Make your appointment by calling (714) 671-9466.

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