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Fullerton Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is often considered more of a luxury than a necessity. Many people overlook the importance of using a Fullerton carpet cleaning professional. They are unaware of the health risks associated with dirty carpets.

Although they look clean, carpet fibers trap dirt, bacteria, and allergens unseen to the naked eye.

The most common issues we find include dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, and molds. These unsettling particles are housed deep within the carpets. They pose health hazards to residents as well as visitors. Vacuuming can only go so far.

Hiring a Fullerton carpet cleaning professional not only provides topical sanitation but also protects air quality indoors through decontamination.

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Asthma is one of the potential health risk resulting from lack of carpet care is. Mold is one of the main contributors. When inhaled, mold spores can initiate respiratory problems as well as cold-like symptoms. This is even true for non-asthmatics. 

Only regular visits from a Fullerton carpet cleaning can service can ensure the prevention of mold.

Dust Mites

Our Fullerton carpet cleaning experts also remove dust mites. People particularly sensitive to dust mites are also threatened by the lack of carpet cleaning. Dust mites can ignite allergies. They can also cause irritation and inflammation of the throat, eyes, and nose.

Vacuums with improper or faulty filtering systems can also spew out dust particles from unclean carpets directly into the air.

Lack of Professional Cleaning

Dirty carpets can easily spread allergens and bacteria throughout the home. These are the basis for many heightened symptoms. Regular carpet cleaning is important in reducing those risks and maintaining a safe and healthy home.

After finding a quality professional service, a clean carpet is only a phone call away.

Using a Fullerton Carpet Cleaning Professional

Our Fullerton carpet cleaning professionals offer unique deep cleaning technology. Our environmentally friendly cleaning methods guarantee a safe environment for children and pets. Our hot carbonating extraction technology eliminates odors and stains, leaving a lasting freshness and pristine look.

Why Choose Our Fullerton Carpet Cleaning Professionals?

Our Fullerton carpet cleaning professional use hot carbonation extraction to promote healthier carpet cleaning methods. These methods clean deeper and are better for the home than steam cleaning. All Points Chem-Dry proves its green solutions through functionality without soaps or detergents.

Steam cleaning uses harsh chemicals that leave a dirt-attracting residue. Steam cleaning is also notorious for using an excessive amount of water. This creates longer drying times, and a heightened risk of mold and mildew. All Points Chem-Dry’s low water quantity allows for a quick drying time, completely eliminating that risk.

By using a low pressure during carpet cleaning, All Points Chem-Dry preserves the integrity of the carpet while removing all of the grime. The carbonation lifts underlying dirt particles and stains to the carpet surface, allowing the professionally trained technicians to gently sweep the dirt away.

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Our Fullerton carpet cleaning experts provide a green alternative to house maintenance. All Points Chem-Dry keeps our customer’s best interests in mind when removing harmful particles from their homes and protecting their loved ones from sickness.

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