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Fountain Valley Carpet Cleaning

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Five Fast Facts

Still thinking about whether or not you need a Fountain Valley carpet cleaning service?

Please review the following information before making your decision:

Store bought solutions. Stain removers purchased from your local store often contain sealers. These sealers remove the stain and offer an extra layer of protection to your carpet. The problem is, many of these sealers do not actually remove the stain, then add a protective layer on top of it. This locks in the stain and makes it almost impossible to remove.

DIYs. DIYs often recommend ingredients such as ammonia, hairspray, vinegar, and peroxide to remove stains. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals do more harm than good. Contact a Fountain Valley carpet cleaning professional to ensure your carpets are properly cared for.

Pet Stains. Having pets is a wonderful experience, but cleaning up pet stains is not. Like many other stains, pet stains can be extremely difficult to remove. This is especially true as they age.

Inks Stains. Ink stains are annoying and unsightly. Water is the go-to solution most homeowners utilize for ink stains. Unfortunately, water only exacerbates the problem. Adding water to an ink stain only worsens the stain.

Dust and Dirt. Your carpet may be dirtier than you think. The most modern carpets have the ability to hold one pound of dirt per square yard before they even look dirty. Vacuuming only removes surface level dirt, which means most of the dirt is still trapped deep within your carpet.

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How often should you clean your carpet?

Every carpet is different. That being said, we generally recommended that you have your carpets cleaned every six months by professional carpet cleaning company.

We also suggest that our customers with small children and/or pets have their carpets cleaned more often.

What kinds of stains can be removed?

It is important to hire a company with experience cleaning your specific stains. Our Fountain Valley carpet cleaning professionals have years of experience cleaning every type of stain imaginable.

These include:

  • Coffee
  • Nail Polish
  • Ink
  • Markers
  • Wine
  • Paint  
  • Dirt
  • Pet Stains
  • and more


If you have any of these stains, then we can help. Get your free estimate from our Fountain Valley carpet cleaning experts by calling (714) 671-9466.

Are Professional Cleaning Solutions Better?

Yes, they are. The reality is that professional solutions are made to tackle specific types of stains. The general cleaning products sold in stores are sometimes helpful, but they are insufficient in removing the worst stains.

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