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Can’t seem to find the right carpet cleaner for you? Don’t worry, our Dana Point carpet cleaning service is here to help.

All Points Chem-Dry offers high-quality carpet cleaning at an affordable rate. Additionally, our professionals utilize safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and sophisticated cleaning technology.

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Save Money

First of all, caring for your carpet is a great way to increase its lifetime. For example, it saves you the cost of having to replace your old stained and discolored carpet.

Keep your carpets and save money with a Dana Point carpet cleaning professional.

Remove Odor and Stains

Also, you can say goodbye to those unwanted odors trapped in your carpet. Each odor requires its own custom solution depending on its origin and the type of carpet.

Our professionals utilize specific cleaning solutions for specific odors.

Have Guests Over Again

Furthermore, have you been hesitant to have company over? Many of our customers admit that the state of their carpets is preventing them from having guests over.

For this reason, our services will restore your carpets to their original beauty.

Eliminate Dust and Pathogens

Additionally, dust mites make their home in carpet fibers. Dust mites are attracted to warm, humid areas. They bury deep into the carpet, breeding, multiplying and spreading throughout your home. Additionally, dust mites can destroy a carpet and cause negative effects to your health.

Our Dana Point carpet cleaning professionals remove dust mites once and for all.

Make Stains Disappear

Finally, each spill and stain require a different cleaning solution. With solutions designed for specific messes, our professional carpet cleaners make sure to remove those tough stains from your carpet.

Remove bothersome stains by calling a professional Dana Point carpet cleaning service today.

Exposing the Myths

Many of our customers believe that their carpets are already clean. They are convinced that vacuuming regularly means a professional Dana Point carpet cleaning service is unnecessary. 

The problem is that vacuums only remove the dirt from the surface of the carpet.

The real issues stem from deep within the carpet fibers. Routine vacuuming and store bought cleaning solutions are unable to tackle these issues. These can include bacteria, mold, pathogens, and dust mites.

Removing these pathogens requires professional cleaning solutions. Our Dana Point carpet cleaning experts have the experience and equipment needed to give your home the cleaning it deserves. We remove all bacteria and harmful pathogens, restoring your home to its natural beauty.

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Our Dana Point carpet cleaning professionals will make your carpets appear new again. All Points Chem-Dry takes pride in the high-quality services we offer, and the professionalism of each of our employees.

All of the cleaning solutions utilized in your service are an environmentally friendly way to clean carpet.

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